Offically Licensed Manufacturer for Stroppe Peformance

Stroppe BroncoTM Dual Exhaust  

Precision Exhaust is proud to be an offically licensed manufacturer for Stroppe Peformance and the Original Baja BroncoTM    Exhaust system.  


Our Stroppe Dual Exhaust Kit is a direct fit to your Stock Bronco 289 or 302 manifolds.  


Now you can get the Original Off-Road Baja Bronco Dual Exhaust - that's is an instant bolt on classic.


The Stroppe Baja Dual Exhaust option.

Learn more about Bill Stroppe and the Stroppe racing legacy at

Think these classic Bronco's are becomming more valuable or it is inflation?


Check out the Victory Special price in 1975.


Note: The Precision reproductions are more than 10 times the cost today.


Is your Bronco worth more today than in 1975?


If so how about a new Stroppe Dual Exhaust to add some value and performance?


Get them at at Jeff's Bronco Graveyard soon.

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Stroppe Bronco and Baja Bronco are Trademarks of Stroppe Peformance.


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