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At Precision Exhaust we get you.  

We are car enthusiasts,  vintage Ford Mustang experts, restoration addicts and exhaust professionals. 

In 2000, we designed, engineered and test fit a vintage Mustang GT350 with our own reproduction exhaust based upon the original factory design.  


At this time no one could not source a quality, fairly priced, Original Equipment style (OEM), exhaust system that properly fit the cars.  


--- A proven direct fit exhaust kit that we would consider simply "Out of the Box and Onto the Car" with no bending, twisting, cutting, sanding, welding, trimming or modifications .... let alone busted knuckles.  

We tried them all they just did not fit right.   And going to local exhaust and muffler shops was expensive and you could never get that orignal look, sound and quality.

So we made our own. 

Word got out and others wanted a similar ready to go OEM style solution that fit the car each and every time.

Today we design, engineer, and have extensivly test fit 100% of all of our exhaust products to period correct cars, multiple engines and manifold combinations for quality control - and we guarantee the fit and quality on all our exhausts and components.


With over 127 PROVEN configurations and options developed and tested - we have stock replacement and custom options for all your (1964 1/2 to 1973) Ford Mustangs, Torinos, Fairlanes and early Broncos.  


And with over 14,000 systems shipped over 14 years you can be assured our systems will fit your car the first time, PROBLEM FREE.


Whether you are a first time restorer, have a daily driver, a father and son team or are a nut and bolt restorer --- you will find our products fit and are of high quality. 


All of our products are produly made in the USA | Eastern CT, not far from the beautiful UCONN Huskys Storrs Campus.


The business has changed over the years but not our passion for precision. 

We hope you appreciate our attention to detail, product quality and ongoing service.   


If you have any questions please give us a call or drop us a note via our contact us form.

Best Regards,


Precision Exhaust 

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