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All Begins with Passion.

With a dozen Shelby and Classic Mustangs through our restoration shop and 30 + years of hands-on Ford Mustang work --- we have the right system for your classic car.


Whether your car is for show, a daily driver or is going to auction for resale we got you covered.  

Reproduction exhaust systems for vintage cars have always been a problem area.  


Either they dont fit due to poor design or quality control, and often vary from batch to batch.  In addition the systems are often made by pipe benders or welders and NOT  restoration experts. 


If the system is custom made at an exhaust shop it often lacks the Ford OE details such as flat spots, correct flanges, mufflers and are just not like the original.

A custom exhaust can also be very costly.


For over five years we collected original Ford Original Equipment (OEM) exhausts, New Old Stock (NOS), and Original Take Off Systems from cars  as well as purchasing, trading, begging friends and at Mustang swap meets to gather a large inventory of systems and components.


From there we used those items to create our own catalog of intellectual property which we used to build our proprietary custom welding fixtures and bend cards - to insure a precise fit each and every time. 

Extensive product testing has been performed under the car on a lift for all make/models by test fitting each and every exhaust to the correct period car  --so you would have a problem free product and installation.  


On the lift we also validated and inventoried the correct date coded exhaust manifolds and engines to each car so again - you can be assured your exhaust will fit right out of the box.


No one else in the industry has the vintage Musting exhaust inventory or knowledge of original Mustang Exhausts as Precision.  

We also restore vintage Mustangs and Shelbys  -- so we share the passion of originality, quality  and easy of fit under the car.

A Problem Free Exhaust for your Car.

We only use original/ OEM Style Materials and Precision hand Bending just like the originals.  


Our product line includes over 127 complete exhaust systems and individual components for Ford Mustangs, Torinos, Cougars and Broncos.


  • H Pipes for Dual Exhausts

  • Y Pipes for Single Exhausts 

  • Down Pipes for Single Exhausts

  • Interm Pipes

  • Tailpipes

  • Mufflers

  • Resonators

  • Tips and Ends. 

WE MAKE THEM by HAND and they FIT.


If your car is stock or without aftermarket headers- we have a system that will work correctly.  

We do offer Tri-Y Header Systems, Custom X pipes and Enlarged Tubing options (i.e. 2 inch to 2.25 or 2.50 inch) keeping the original equipment loof and fit we designed.


Aluminized tubular steel, similar to the Original Ford tubng is measured, cut and bent based upon years data collected from restoring Mustangs and working with, and on Original Equipment Takeoffs, New Old Stock (NOS) and various aftermarket Ford Exhaust systems.


We also offer bare steel on select systems for that pure original look.

Our Proprietary quick-bend card system and in-house developed welding fixtures allow us to produce a problem free product  on each time.


We have a proven track recored -- !

Accurately designing, manufacturing and shipping over 14,000 Vintage Ford Mustang Exhausts, to resellers, restoration shops, and car enthuasists since 2000.


Have a question give us a call anytime.


               (860) 617-0556

Hands On - Vintage Mustang Knowledge.

We have been working on and restoring Vintage Mustangs & Shelby Mustangs for over 30 years.

Currently our Restoration Shop (Precision Auto of Eastford) has four (4) Shelby Mustangs, under complete nut and bolt restoration, one (1) 67 GT Fastback and a very rare 1969 Boss 429 car that only had 15.000 original miles before the tear down.

So working on the cars every day keeps us connected to the real reason people buy our exhausts.  

Because they enjoy restoring, preserving, driving and enjoying classic "American Iron" 


We offer complete bolt on exhaust kits and individual components for Ford Mustangs, Fairlanes, Torinos and early Bronco's just like the factory originals.

And yes, all of our products are proudly made in the USA in Eastern CT, near the UCONN Storrs Campus.









Our products are 100% guaranteed to fit to your original make/ model car.

It also helps to have an experienced team....

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