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Dual Exhaust, H pipes, Single Exhausts, Exhaust Kits
Dual Exhaust, H Pipe, Exhaust Kit
Dual Exhaust, H Pipe, Hpipe
Dual Exhaust, H Pipe, Hpipe, Exhaust Kits
Single Exhaust, Y Pipe, Ypipe, Dual Exhaust

Original Equipment (OEM) Style Direct Fit Exhaust Systems for Vintage | Classic Ford Mustangs, Early Torino's, Bronco's & Mercury Cougars.   All designed and manufactured in the USA for that original look and sound.   
We are Mustang experts. 

Out of the Box and Onto the Car TM

Welding Exhaust

Welding Exhaust





Torino Exhaust Install

Torino Exhaust Install

Precision Exhaust

Engineers & Manufactures in the USA High Quality
OEM Style Exhaust Systems for;


1964 to-1973 Vintage Ford Mustangs, Torino's, Fairlanes,  as well as 66-77 Ford Bronco's and Vintage Mercury Cougars.


We offer Direct Fit - Ford (OE Style) Exhaust Systems For All First Generation (1964-1973) Ford Mustang's Including;


Coupes, Fastbacks, Convertibles, Shelby GT-350's, Shelby GT-500's, Boss Mustang's, Mach 1's and Vintage Torino's, Mercury Cougars and Early Bronco's -- and now  we manufacture the Offically Stroppe Baja Bronco Reproduction Exhaust as well as OEM Reproduction systems for Early Bronco's including direct fit Single and Dual Exhaust Kits.  

Regardless of if your car is 100% stock, has a modified engine, or non-original engine or transmission - or if you want to increase the diameter of your exhaust tubing using OEM manifolds - or go with peformance mufflers we manufacture all possibilities.

Over 18,000 Satisfied Exhaust Customers Since 2000. 

The Original Ford Mustang OEM Style Exhaust.

If You Desire Exact Fit, &  PROVEN High Quality --


Experienced Vintage Mustang Exhaust & Technical Service --


Call Us and Get the Correct Exhaust the First Time.

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Ford Mustang Exhaust Kit,

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Mach 1 Exhaust,

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OEM Mustang Exhaust

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Factory Performance Ford Torino Exhaust

Vintage Ford OE Style Exhaust Systems & Kits


Have special requirements?

Not the stock engine or manifolds?
Not sure what you have or need?

Want to make sure you get the right system?


WE CAN HELP with your early Mustang Exhaust.

Drop us a note using our Contact Form >


or Call (860) 617-0556.


 8am - 7pm Monday - Saturday EST.


We can advise on the right system for your restoration and project goals.


Custom Exhaust Work by Appointment. 


Installation and Fitment.


Contact us to get pricing, shipping and details for your car.

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Aluminized just like the original exhausts

OE Style Mustang Exhaust Kits

Proven Exhaust Systems

For all Vintage Ford Mustangs


1964 1/2 to 1973
Ford Mustang Exhausts


Dual Exhausts
​Single Exhausts

H Pipes
Y Pipes

X Pipes
Head Pipes
Intermediate Pipes

Exhaust Components

Complete Exhaust Kits

Systems that have been test fit on cars in our shop

Ford Mustang Engines

170 CID
200 CID
289 CID

289 HIPO

302 CID

Boss 302

390 CID

351C - Cleveland
351W - Windsor
428 Cobra Jet

Boss 429
429 CJ

GT Mustang Exhaust

Shelby Mustang Exhaust

Try Y Headers Systems

66-68 Fairlane Exhausts

289 CID

302 CID

390 CID

427 CID


68-72 Torino Exhausts

289 CID

302 CID

390 CID

351 W

351 C

428 CJ

429 CJ

68-72   Cougar Exhausts

Full Line of Exhaust Kits

All Makes and Models


66 - 76  Bronco Exhausts 170 CID

200 CID

289 CID

302 CID

1964- 1973
Ford Mustang Exhausts

The Original Mustang Exhaust Kit

Direct Fit Mustant Exhaust

Custom Mustang Exhaust


1964 mustang exhaust kit system

1965 mustang exhaust kit system 1966 mustang exhaust kit system 1967 mustang exhaust kit system 1968 mustang exhaust kit system 1969 mustang exhaust kit system 1970 mustang exhaust kit system 1971 mustang exhaust kit system 1972 mustang exhaust kit system 1973 mustang exhaust kit system mustang fastback exhaust mustang coupe exhaust

mustang gt exhaust mustang convertible exhaust - we manufacture them all in the USA.


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